The Above Standard Issue 7: The Future of Law in Revolutionising the Global Economy

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The evolution of law and society is often portended by a time of catastrophe, uncertainty and disillusionment. With most economic sectors grappling with the reality of the coronavirus, firm executives are faced with a burdensome reality, they must evolve their businesses or die.
The legal profession is no different, and its hesitation to innovate proactively is manifested by the apparent lack of innovation within the legal industry

This edition explores a futuristic view of the legal profession and the numerous ways it is set to contribute to today’s digital economy. Our capable authors pushed themselves out of the status quo to write articles on the advent of Regtech to the Kenyan legal industry and how its proliferation may disrupt legal practice as we know it today, highlighted the next level of financial services and how the legal profession can be a key contributor, delved into the various applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the legal profession and discussed the realm of amicable
debt collection and its promise for both legal and financial services.

This Issue does not promise Utopia, nor does it create a reality that is altogether fantastic. It is a tasteful articulation of the steps other legal practitioners have taken to add value to their jurisdictions through the incorporation of law, finance and technology. At TripleOKLaw, we dare ourselves to pioneer the evolution of our legal industry every day and we hope that the readers of this issue will find a kindred spirit in these articles and thus challenge themselves to bring the promise of the Future into today’s reality.

Oscar Mbabu

Editor In Chief


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