Public Private Partnerships

As the market for public private partnership transactions in Kenya develops and opens up, selecting appropriate legal advisor becomes an important question for equity sponsors, lenders, contractors and public-sector authorities involved in these major infrastructure projects. It can be challenging to select a law firm with the necessary expertise and commercial abilities demanded by this new and developing market. TripleOKLaw is a perfect partner for a client who is venturing into the PPP space in Kenya. The legal team has a robust mix of talents – solid, dependable lawyers who are able to withstand continuous and heavy workloads; and from time to time specialist lawyers – who get involved in the transaction at specific periods to achieve particular goals.


Based on extensive experience our lawyers understand that every PPP transaction is unique, with different facts, players and circumstances and so we adopt a bespoke approach to every transaction. Our PPP team has expertise in government procurement and bidding processes, coupled with the ability to review and analyse the implications of the long-term agreements between the public authority and the project company. They understand the implications of the risk allocations set out in the Project Agreement on any proposed financing structure for the project.


Therefore, our PPP team is comprised of practitioners with expertise in corporate/ commercial matters, finance matters, large-scale construction experience and real estate. We also have expertise in project finance transactions. The highly leveraged nature of PPP transactions means that lawyers who can accurately analyse the likely reaction of rating agencies, bank lenders and underwriters to the proposed risk allocations set out in the Project Agreement will likely offer insights that may be less apparent to lawyers from non-finance related disciplines.


In addition to these very specialized skills, TripleOKLaw has partners experienced in the complex field of government affairs, providing our clients with a broad range of legal, governmental and political experience. Our team is composed of professionals who have held public office and served at high levels of government service. Based on their background, experience and insight, we are able to customize public sector strategies to resolve our clients’ issues with government, and to identify opportunities that will positively impact their business goals.