Natural Resources

TRIPLEOKLAW has distinguished itself as a key player in the provision of Legal Services tailored to the issues relating to Natural Resources and the Environment. These two sectors often have great impact on each other thus requiring balanced legal solutions in order to achieve sustainable development.

The firm’s clients include: banks and financial institutions; insurance companies; telecommunications companies; manufacturing companies; aviation companies; property owners and developers; government agencies; state corporations; non-governmental organisations; energy, oil gas and mining companies; all of which are significantly affected by issues covered by this Practice Area.

TRIPLEOKLAW is involved in several projects in the rapidly growing Kenyan mining industry. The latest frontier and deposits found in Oil and Gas in Kenya has led to increased interest and development of the sector, which in turn has driven the need for legal services by private companies and government institutions. We have built and continue to build capabilities in this area in order to effectively provide services to upstream, midstream, downstream and integrated companies in Oil and Gas.