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TripleOKLaw LLP Celebrates International Women's Day 2020 #EachForEqual

The recent LSK elections saw a record number of women lawyers taking up council seats. Win. More women Lawyers rising to partnership levels in the top tier firms. Win. 40% of the workforce at TripleOKLaw LLP are women. Win. The two Deputy Managing Partners are TripleOKLaw LLP are women. Win. Equality is not 99 years away. How do we do it? Strong, brave women uplifting each other through mentorship, leadership and teamwork. 

We share how TripleOKLaw LLP is committed to championing equality in the workplace. Here’s to women winning at work. Happy International Women’s Day! 

Exceed Expectations… this is what we aim to achieve in all our undertakings. Delivering great legal services to clients is something we pursue passionately.