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Numerous movies have been made on what the workplace would look like in a fully technology-driven world. Only six months ago, we felt the world was already an oyster but now our minds are fully open to the real extent of digital disruption. When Kenya’s elections in 2017 threatened to repeat history, two days of unrest was enough to build a resistance against letting the country go down a dark path.

Three weeks ago, we saw what many feared to be a global shut down which introduced general uncertainty on what life would look like six months from now. Closing down shop indefinitely is not an option for many of us. We at TripleOKLaw LLP had to rethink work. The firm has been on a long journey of digital transformation and this period has taught us that we are on the right track. We issued an assurance statement to our clients and continue to live by our promise.

The business continues as usual with our staff working remotely from their respective homes unless it is absolutely necessary in which case, we have put in protective measures. Our weekly team and management meetings continue with great progress in our work, thanks to our extensive IT infrastructure that facilitates seamless collaboration within the firm.

We note that various stakeholders have also innovated how they offer their services by embracing technology that does away with personal physical contact. For instance, our litigation team has in the past two weeks been filing the necessary paperwork online. We have also participated in video conferences with the court officers and received various judgements via e-mail. As such, our client’s interests are catered for and the risk posed to the business by stalled matters is mitigated.

Commercial and transactional matters continue with uninterrupted connectivity. This has facilitated seamless legal service being provided through all our practice areas.

TripleOKLaw LLP continues to be available throughout and beyond the quarantine period for your legal service needs. Your respective advocates are available on phone and email. Should you require their specific contact details, kindly contact us and we shall link you with them. General queries will be answered through We shall continue to share insights through our website and other online channels.

With all these measures in place, we believe that we are capable of answering the clarion call to stay home and support efforts to flatten the curve.

Staying home does not mean a stay on life. Stay home, survive, reflect and re-invent.

Yours Faithfully,



Managing Partner and Co-Head of Dispute Resolution


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