Environment and Climate Change Law Review 2022: Kenya Chapter Now Available

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The Kenyan Chapter on the Environment and Climate Change Law Review 6th Edition authored by Partner and Head of Climate Change and Sustainability Practice Stephen Mallowah and Associate Christopher Oyier is now available at

Part of the Law Review Series, this publication provides an overview of environmental protection laws and regulations in Kenya, as well as legislative and policy initiatives to combat climate change. It analyses the essential features of the legal and enforcement frameworks while also examining the most consequential recent developments and offering an outlook for future changes.

This chapter takes a deep dive in analysing the legislative framework that is enshrine in the Constitution of Kenya and supported by sector specific statutes and policies including the application and adoption of International environmental laws and policies.

It further discusses the powers, functions, and approach of the regulators, the civil and criminal liabilities, and remedies available, and the obligation imposed on public departments, national entities and private sectors on their performance and progress on climate change.

In addition, the publication discusses environmental protection, climate change giving an overview of recent notable court decisions, new legislation, and guidelines affecting the environmental and climate change regime and concludes by issuing an outlook of Kenya’s transition to a low-carbon economy, and the obligation of various parties including the private sector towards climate action.   

This article is timely and significant to the various stakeholders in the environmental and climate regime as it helps them understand the applicable laws and regulations, the recent developments, and their obligations towards climate action to ensure compliance in terms of their policies and operational consistency.

Read the full publication at or download the free version below.

Please note: The information provided in this publication is general and may not apply in a specific situation, nor does it necessarily represent the views of authors’ firms or their clients. Legal advice should always be sought before taking any legal action based on the information provided. The publishers accept no responsibility for any acts or omissions contained herein. Although the information provided was accurate as of January 2022, be advised that this is a developing area.


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