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Climate Finance- The New Frontier for Private Investment

Green bonds, blue bonds and other private financing solutions are the future of funding solutions to climate change and environmental sustainability compliance in economies across the globe. On Monday 8th June, Partner Stephen Mallowah moderated the discussion at a follow-up dialogue to the King’s College UNEP Roundtable Meeting on Climate Financing held on 15th January […]


Legal Alert: The Draft Credit Reference Bureau Regulations 2019

As early as 2014, the regional Central Banks had begun undertaking harmonization of their legal and regulatory frameworks as part of preparations for the envisaged East African monetary union set to be achieved by 2024. In line with this, Kenya has initiated a reform of its Credit Reference Bureau Regulations. The Central Bank of Kenya […]



TripleOKLaw has been awarded a bronze mark for its excellent use of technology, check out the document below to read more on this;


ICT Authority – White Box Initiative

TripleOKLaw LLP is proud to be a partner of the WhiteBox initiative. This is an initiative of the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology and the ICT Authority, geared towards catalyzing the successful growth of local ventures to global, world-class status. The main objective of this initiative is to create […]


Why African Countries Should Be Concerned About the GDPR

The changes introduced by the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) (‘GDPR’) have been a cause for concern for many countries and businesses. It is an even bigger cause for concern in Africa, as the continent has an array of standards of national data protection legislation while many African countries have no data protection […]


The Sports Law Review

This is the Third edition of The Sports Law Review which is intended as a practical, business-focused legal guide for all relevant stake holder groups in the area of sports. It acknowledges that sports law is a field of law that is related to a wide variety of legal areas, such as contract , corporate, […]