The Above Standard : September - Issue 002 - 2018

How time flies, we are already in September! The second issue of our quarterly newsletter is here with us. As usual, we bring you an array of articles on topical issues. Kenyans were at it again after the recent comments by a Governor when he remarked ‘...instead of the demolitions, the river should be moved’ regarding demolitions of buildings erected on riparian land and the same had caused a frenzy in the country. The question we posed was how many people had any idea of what exactly riparian land was before this? Our dedicated writers look into the long-overdue protection of riparian land in Kenya.

In addition, we bring you articles on topical issues such as; a review of the law and process on the death penalty; data governance as the next competitive edge; the Robin Hood tax; setting up an online trading forex; the discovery of oil in Kenya and what that means for Kenya and last but not least legal technology and the role of the lawyer. We divert from our usual ‘Know your advocate’. and instead, we chose to spend a few minutes with Charles Odungu, who shares his time at TripleOKLaw and his best moments at the firm as he prepares to retire. On a sad note, we recently lost our colleague, Gloria Gakii Mwika. While most of us at TripleOKLaw, our clients and the legal fraternity are yet to come to terms with her death, we choose to remember the fond memories we shared with her and thank the Almighty for the time spent with such a beautiful soul. We give you a glimpse of her life, the shining star amongst us!

Enjoy the read and let us have your feedback through