The Above Standard : May - Issue 004 - 2019

There was a time when Climate Change was a distant discussion, a western problem. Back then, our farmers had regular climatic patterns: Rains would come in March through to June, cold winds blow in July through to August, short rains follow through to October, then the sun raged hot through December to February- a perfect pattern for healthy harvests. We knew when we needed umbrellas and when we needed boots and scarves. Fast forward, now, in the words of Barack Obama, climate change is no longer a far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now. In the last six months alone, we have seen incredible weather extremes testifying to climate change effects. Undeniably, there is a problem. Recognizing this as a firm, and in line with our credo of going over and above, there was no more noble way of confronting Climate Change than establishing a whole new department within the firm to specifically promote climate change compliance. Why? Because it is literally a multi-billion-dollar question in private organizations both locally and globally; because one of the most significant and perhaps most misunderstood risks that organizations face today relates to climate change. So, in this issue let’s start the conversation on climate change and sustainability for businesses in Kenya.

We also discourse with you about the Huduma Number, insider trading and investor confidence and wrap it up with a light chat with our resident IT guru in place of our KYA section. As always, our service is towards the legal profession, the public and importantly our esteemed clients. We have therefore made these articles reader-friendly to all across the board. We are happy that our continually increasing pool of readers has turned The Above Standard into a source of great legal knowledge, practice insights and intellectual discourse. Subscribe for this and all our releases by logging into and give us your feedback including any topics that you would like to see covered in the future via we say- bonne lecture