Legal Alert: TripleOKLaw Comments on the Huduma Bill

The Huduma Namba is ultimately the most ambitious plan to revamp the delivery of government services. Having made great strides in digitizing other public services, the government is quickly catching up with the gobal digital shift. The hiccup, however, has been the timely intrducton of key legislation to govern certain activities in the digital space, specifically safeuarding an emerging human right: that of data protecton  stemming from the right to privacy.

In many jurisdictions, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations have guided several pieces of legislature including our very own Data Protection Bill . The Huduma Bill thus should rely just as much on the GDPR in it’s imlementation to create and ascertain the public of better access to government services as well as protection of individual rights.

To this end, our Telecimmunications, Media and Technology team has submitted our comments on the proposed bill and the specific clauses that will need to be rectified for this to work.


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Partner, Team Lead: Catherine Kariuki

Senior Associate : Janet Othero-