Climate Finance- The New Frontier for Private Investment

Green bonds, blue bonds and other private financing solutions are the future of funding solutions to climate change and environmental sustainability compliance in economies across the globe.

On Monday 8th June, Partner Stephen Mallowah moderated the discussion at a follow-up dialogue to the King’s College UNEP Roundtable Meeting on Climate Financing held on 15th January 2019. In the meeting held in Nairobi to launch the Roundtable Report, stakeholders consisting of regulators, lawmakers and climate change practitioners came together to identify impediments, opportunities and action points to advance the green economy and climate finance agenda.

The roundtable discussion (and the follow-up dialogue) comes at a time when the world is coming to the understanding that the transition to a green low carbon global economy will need substantial investment to make the transition attainable. Within the financial sector the change so far has started with financial regulators beginning to take into consideration the financial repercussions that climate change may have on financial institutions, and the attendant systemic risk posed by climate change to financial systems. Consequently, regulators across Europe have taken the initiative to provide leadership in developing toolkits and guidelines to supervise climate risk identification, management mitigation, and reporting; and to identify the opportunities that can be gleaned in advancing climate finance.

These early movers include several European and Asian central banks and other significant players in the developing world such as Kenya and Mexico. Their actions form a valuable starting point for other institutions and countries to create their own legal and regulatory reforms. These and more in-depth insights are available in the full report on Legal Readiness for Climate Finance: Private Sector Opportunities roundtable below.

Stephen Mallowah is a partner at TripleOKlaw in the corporate and commercial law department and heads the new Climate Change and Sustainability practice area. His team is well versed in matters regarding environmental compliance, regulations and sustainable development. For more information you can reach us at

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