Our principal values are keeping commitments we have made




Our principal values are keeping commitments we have made
Exceed Expectations… this is what we aim to achieve in all our undertakings. Delivering great legal services to clients is something we pursue passionately.
The company’s passion stems from the belief that our well-guided clients are the reason for our success and reputation for veracity, efficacy, and aptitude. TripleOKLaw is an acclaimed and robust African law firm, with over fifteen years of practice in commercial obligations, finance disputes, and corporate matters. Established in 2002, TripleOKLaw is considered a leading firm for its cutting-edge legal abilities and proficiency in all aspects of commercial law to clients both domestic and international.
2 months ago
Company incorporation on the E-Citizen website – What you need to know
In line with the digitization efforts of the country and the recent enactment of the Companies Act 2015, incorporation and registration of companies must now be carried out through a government web based platform known as E-Citizen. One is therefor
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2 months ago
Legal Alert: TripleOKLaw Comments on the Huduma Bill
The Huduma Namba is ultimately the most ambitious plan to revamp the delivery of government services. Having made great strides in digitizing other public services, the government is quickly catching up with the gobal digital shift. The hiccup, howev
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5 days ago
Legal Alert: The Land Registration (Electronic Transactions) Regulations, 2019
The land records have been on a long term drive towards a clearer, cleaner and more efficient system. How better to get this done but to jump on to the digitization bandwagon? The new rules provide that: "All land transactions, including registe
2 weeks ago
Case Watch: CBK Wins High Court Case on Demonetization of Old 1000 Ksh Notes
"But it is from a sense of individual duty that we connect the greater good and the interests of the community" ~ Tony Blair The demonetization campaign by the Central Bank of Kenya, though a big conversation in the last four months, is
1 month ago
International Comparative Legal Guide to: International Arbitration 2019
The International Comparative Legal Guide is a series of thoroughly researched guides providing legal information on a range of practice areas. Contributed by experts around the globe, the guides are a reliable source of insights for governments, pri
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